Biostatistics is the toolset to be used to generate scientific knowledge and to enable decision-making along with product optimization using methods of statistics. In clinical trials Numerics is evaluating the effectiveness of drugs, medical devices (implants), or treatment regimens. An optimal study design is a key determinant for the success of a study. read more

Industrial Statistics
Complex production processes have to be optimally designed and permanently monitored. The statistical methods of Numerics help ensure stable process outcomes and quality of data. Deviations from the target values ​​are to be revealed and underlying root causes being identified as soon as possible. read more

Business Intelligence (BI) offered by Numerics includes various methods of data analysis and data presentation allowing for fact-based decisions across the company. Numerics provides a variety of ways such as query tools for reports, dashboards, or management cockpits in order to make relevant information available. read more

Without data there is no information and without information, no knowledge-based decisions!
But only if the data is processed such that the relevant information is made directly accessible to the end users. Based on data management provided by Numerics, companies can optimally exploit the potential use of raw data for BI. read more